Personal Development and Intercultural Understanding through Travelling

Youth Exchange: 18-29th September 2019

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Traveling is a wonderful way to discover ourselves and the world we’re living in, to widen our horizons, to get out of our comfort zones, gain new perspectives, discover new cultures, have enriching encounters and so much more. We aim to encourage young people with fewer opportunities to travel and to prepare them for their upcoming journey on a deep and meaningful level.

Find the courage and your purpose to travel

Overcome your resistances and fears

Improve the way you deal with uncertainties and challenges

Connect with other cultures


EnCourage is an 10-day action-oriented Youth Exchange aiming at mobility and social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities. Through a variety of activities embedded in the archetypal story pattern of “The Hero's Journey” the participants will create their own vision for their personal Hero's Journey.

EnCourage gives a playground where participants can experience, reflect and improve their personal and intercultural competences with a focus on cultural awareness and social responsibility.

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Youth Exchange


Local communities, online

Arrival day: 15th July until 16:00

Departure day: 18th July until 10:00

Arrival day: 18th September until 16:00

Departure day: 29th September until 10:00

From the 30th of September - 30th of October you will receive support to organize local events or online content with the aim to create positive impact, activate fellow young people, and share your learning and experiences.


Group Leaders

  • You are aged between 18-30 years
  • You are someone who hears the calling to travel but your life situation or your resistances have kept you from going on your journey so far.
  • You are facing disadvantaged backgrounds and fewer opportunities. You can find more info here.
  • Preferably no or little experiences abroad
  • You are enthusiastic, motivated, open to new challenges and experiences.
  • You're able to speak basic English.


  • You are aged 20+ years
  • You are experienced in traveling and want to encourage others to start their own journey
  • You are willing and able to participate in all activities (APV & Youth Exchange)
  • You are willing to support your national group throughout all phases of the project (Preparation & Youth Exchange & Follow-Up)
  • You are enthusiastic, motivated, open to new challenges and experiences
  • You're able to speak basic English.


The program integrates approaches, methods and exercises from various fields. The participants will collect experiences through the levels: mind, emotions and body – in order to create a holistic experience. We will use approaches and methods from the following areas:

About our methodology

  • Positive and humanistic psychology
  • Adventure based learning
  • Gestalt work and systemics
  • Nature Education
  • Intercultural psychology
  • Theater and Dance Education
  • Bodywork / Embodiment
  • Mindfulness Research
  • Various experience-based coaching techniques
  • Other non-formal learning methods
  • Games


  • Improve your intercultural competences and understanding

  • Deeply exchange and connect with people from different countries

  • Be part of addressing the issues of social exclusion and radicalization

  • Become more active and mobile in the European society

  • Develop inter- and intrapersonal skills
  • Find the courage to travel, especially in Europe

  • Improve the way you deal with fears, uncertainties and challenges

  • Increase your openness towards the unknown

  • Experience how you can take social responsibility, especially through traveling
  • Find your travel purpose

  • Experience travel possibilities

  • Gain more self-confidence

  • Have fun while increasing your creativity

  • Become more flexible and playful

  • Get a taste of what traveling can feel like

What you can get out of it

Veronika Mercks

Veronika unleashes potentials, she is a creator of experiential spaces, an initiator, a dancer and she is passionate about individual travelling and personal development. After two years working at a school in Hamburg, 8.5 months backpacking through Africa and India, she started building up the educational initiative Navigaia Journeys.

Albert Poetzsch

Christian Walker

Christian has experience working with youth of very different backgrounds and in different environments. From summer camps in Spain as an animator to facilitating intercultural workshops as an EVS for young people in Belgium. He has gained plenty of knowledge, skills and competences to work with youth in non-formal environments. As a former EVS volunteer, he understands and has profited of the impact of such Erasmus+ mobility programs as it has catapulted him to become a trainer. As a traveler himself, he encourages and inspires the new generations to live the life that they want to create for themselves.

Albert is a certified coach and trainer with great travel experience. He has lived in 7 countries and traveled for several months through South and Central America. His main competencies are creativity, coaching and communication. His aim is to empower and support young individuals to engage in social change by starting their own journeys.

Żaklina, is an inspirer, adventurer, border breaker and mentor of life journeys. Her passion lies in the challenges, the unknown and the encounters. She worked in various cross-cultural projects, is a certified coach and trainer and lived in various countries. In the 4 years she spent in Latin America and is sharing about her learnings through her blog "aventura intuition".

Żaklina Scholz

Meet the facilitators

A variety of activities, embedded in the archetypal story pattern of “The Hero's Journey”, will wait for you. Each day will have another exciting theme. As our Youth Exchange „EnCourage“ will be like a journey itself, you will experience the itinerary while participating. Be curious! Be open! Cast off! Let's go on this adventure together!


Day 1 - Arrival Day

Day 2 - The Crew & I

Day 3 - Calling

Day 4 - Resistances and Fears

Day 5 - World of Wonders #1

Day 6 - World of Wonders #2

Day 7 - Challenges #1

Day 8 - Challenges #2

Day 9 - Reintegration

Day 10 - Open Space

Day 11 - Closing

Day 12 - Departure

A magical place in the middle of nature not far away from Berlin. This refurbished holiday resort from the past GDR era will already be part of your journey.





All costs for accommodation, food, travel (up to a limit) and material are covered by Erasmus+. We do not charge any additional fee.

Travel Reimbursement

The travel reimbursement is the maximum amount to which your travel expenses can be reimbursed according to your country.

€180 (Germany, Latvia, Czech Republic)

€275 (Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, France, Hungary)

€360 (Portugal)






Czech Republic






Agora Aveiro

Vega Youth Center


Brno Connected


Asociatia Se Poate

Youth Id












Nataša Gološin

Sanja Kamberovic


Katka Martínková

Madlen Nenkova

Paula Sabou

Yanis Lammari

Anna Sipos

Thomas Schallhart



Contact Person


Selection date is 18th of July. If you apply after this date you will be on the waiting list and contacted in case there are open spots available.

Advanced Planning Visit

During the APV which happened from the 15th until 18th of July, the EnCourage Team and 9 great group leaders, shaped together ithe nternational youth exchange happening in September.

Results of the Youth Exchange

Here you will find the results of the Youth Exchange which happened from the 18-29th September 2019

Find a selection of moments and impressions we experienced during the Youth Exchange.

Watch the videos our participants created about their outdoor challenge.

Watch Kalina's presentation on travelling.

Do you have any questions or want to talk to us?

Drop us an email at: navigaia.encourage.project@gmail.com

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